Daddy, baby and Lisa

Early morning drizzle. I join the main road as I make a mental note to buy some decent music other than listen to the empty talk of morning talk shows. Today’s topic is on the very fragile issue of wives who battle their husbands. Wives from Nyeri. Groannnn…can we move on already?

I recognise the car in front of me. Driven by  Lisa. Like me, dropping her son in school then off to another day of sales strategy and business development.
I constantly wonder about Lisa. She lives alone with her 8 year old son. She is one of those high flying marketing executives who drive showroom cars, wear killer heels and travel to South Africa every month. Her hair and make up is always perfectly made and there is never a chip in her nail polish. Where does she get all the time to be so put together? I suspect its because she always wants to make the rest of us look unkempt.

She appears to have no male companion in her life. I haven’t yet spotted the old potbellied man driving a dark Mercedes sneaking out of her house at 11pm. Or the drunken late 20s kind that lounges on the sofas of these type of girls every weekend for a ticket to sex and free booze. Or the normal 8 to 5 accountants that drops into the apartments of these type of girls every weekend with the hope that the girls will one day marry them. No, haven’t spotted any of these kind and that is why I constantly wonder about her. And that is why, I must fill up the empty horizon of her life.

Lisa is one of that rare breed of girls that has a relationship with her daddy. She calls her daddy every other day and they even text each other. Imagine? Her daddy always calls her “mami” on his texts. They are tight. They talk about almost everything – well with the exception of period cramps. Work, family , friends, boyfriends , the whole works. You see, Lisa was brought up by a single dad. Her mama passed away when she was 3. She barely remembers her. For some reason, Lisa’s dad never remarried. He took on the task of raising little Lisa single handedly and boy, did he struggle? It took him almost five years to get a nanny that he could trust with his little Lisa and one who did not think that he wanted to marry her or worse still, turn her into his sex slave.

As Lisa grew up, she noticed the exceptions in her upbringing compared to those of her friends. For one, she did not have a mama to constantly warn her of the impending pregnancies if she continued to play hide and seek with boys. Her daddy was different. He dropped her to school every day, took her swimming every weekend and occasionally, on the days that he had on a dazed look, he gave her a peck on her forehead as he dropped her to school. Later, when she was in her early twenties and her relationship with her father was slowly evolving into one of a deep friendship, he would tell her how his heart bled for her at the reality of not growing up with a mother. The reality of Lisa not knowing her mother. And this became harder and harder as Lisa grew into the spitting image of her mother.

It was Lisa’s daddy who talked to her about boys and men. And insisted that she takes all her friends home to meet him. And by doing this, Lisa was unable to ever keep anything from daddy. When she started dating, she introduced Joe to daddy. The day Joe visited Lisa’s home, daddy dug a whole into Joe’s forehead by staring so rudely at him. That relationship with Joe ran its course.

When Lisa turned 20, daddy told Lisa that she did not have to abstain. She just needed to be picky with the men she gave her heart  to and always use protection.  Because he wasn’t yet ready to be a grandfather. Which type of daddy is this? You see, Lisa’s daddy was practical and he clearly remembered the hormone filled days of his youth. Then Lisa met Matt in her final year of University. He was not good looking. But he had the presence and demeanour that filled a room. So filled a room that Lisa wanted to him to fill her with his essence. First time Lisa spotted him at her Sociology class, she wanted to be his. And she pursued him unashamedly. And their relationship blossomed and they made love every day. And she introduced him to daddy. And this time, daddy did not bore a hole into Matt’s head, he engaged him,  man to man. And soon, it was a tight peculiar little triangle of daddy , Matt and Lisa.

And then something happened. Around the time when Matt and Lisa were planning their wedding . And Lisa had just discovered that she was pregnant. What joy they shared at the prospect of being a complete family? At last, Lisa would have this. Matt, Lisa, daddy and baby. And now  Lisa’s family is now just baby and daddy. Daddy has now retired and moved upcountry. Lisa and baby visit him every month. And call every other day and text all the time.


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